We offer many services and products. Our young creative group applies new and effective advertising methods to help you advertise your products. We carry out all work involving advertising projects, project coordination, visual advertising production, installation and maintenance.We try to allways find the most optimal constructional and artistic solutions, we take our clients wishes and position into concideration. We guarantee high quality in our services. Our experience allows to offer optimal and appropriate visual advertising options for our clients. With regard to our clients needs, we will produce visual advertising solutions, that are most appropriate, From a simple poster, to a complex bill-board.
We design and produce content for:
• Advertising bill-boards;
• Stands;
• Flags;
• 3D letters;
• Showcase signs;
• Informational posters;
• Lighboxes;
• Tarp;
• House number signs;
• Informational directions;
• Pylons.

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We offer various difficulty and size routing and engraving work of high quality, fast and for an accessible price. We can work with our own, or the clients materials. Our high quality computer cunerical control (CNC) routing machine can route and engrave parts in 2D, 2,5D and 3D, of up to 2m. x 3m. size and 25cm. thickness various hard material parts. If bigger parts are required, we can prepare them in pieces, so that they can be assembled and held together with glue, screws, or other methods. Smallest routing line width is 0.5mm. We prepare the required shape, picture or part according to your drawings or examples. By adjusting the routing debth, we can produce parts from plastic, plexiglas or dibond, that can be bent. We route and engrave single parts, or engage in mass production.
We offer services for theese materials:
• Acrylic;
• Aluminum;
• Brass;
• colored metal;
• Dibond;
• Foam;
• Marble;
• MDF;
• MDP;
• Metal;
• MFC;
• MPP;
• organic glass;
• Plastick;
• PVC;
• Sheet steel and stainless steel;
• Steel;
• Upholstery panels;
• Wood.


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We provide high quality large printing work for interior and exterior advertising. Our professional staff and high quality machinery allows us to prepare your advertising professionally and in high quality. We offer printing on various materials, depending on your requirements we will choose the material most suited for you by price and compatibility. We work with new printers and carry out orders quickly, with quality and assure a fair price. We also carry out urgent orders. Printing quality – 1140 Dpi, width – up to 1,6m , printing material chickness – up to 1mm.
We print on various materials:
• Film;
• advertising network;
• Tarpaulin;
• Label;
• canvas;
• Paper;
• Wallpaper;
• Tissue.
We offer theese products:
• Pictures;
• Different shape and size labels;
• Tarpaulin;
• Flags;
• Car stickers;
• Magnetic stickers;
• Safety signs;
• glossy, matt and uncoated paper or stickers;
• Textiles;
• Photo wallpaper;
• Plotting (sticker cutting).

Vehicle advertising – a special advertising service that reaches a lot of people and does not require special advertising permits. Advertising on your company vehicles – one of the best ways to advertise company’s branding. We offer a wide range of services – from a simple sticker up to the entire vehicle stickers. We use special film to brand vehicles, the film is easily shaped to cover the vehicle’s salient surface and is resistant to weather conditions. Images are printed digitally with weather-resistant paint, so the color has a long service life and doesn’t fade. For additional protection, we offer lamination. For convex and salient vehicle surfaces we use special cover film. They mold perfectly to all rough car surfaces and is long lasting. all vehicle stickers and film is applied in special well-heated areas at any time of the year. We also produce magnetic stickers advertising on vehicles. The price of magnetic stickers is higher, but this is a great solution if you need to advertise on your private car as you can remove the sticker when you don’t need it.
Services that we offer:
• Vehicle advertisements made out of plotted sticky film;
• Vehicle design using colored sticky film and photographic images;
• Vehicle banding with perforated film;
• Stickers that are printed on magnetic film.

We offer digital and offset printing. We offer prompt and professional cooperation that meets our customer’s expectations and needs. Our product prices are calculated for each individual order. We will professionally create the your logo and design your poster, flyer, brochure or other publication. Digital printing is the best choice for fast and high-quality results. Digital printing is suitable for those who are constantly rushing in and want to save the customers and their own precious time. Offset printing is suitable where a large quantity of high-quality printing is needed. We print on paper of various thicknesses. Our company can offer more than just leaflets and posters. Our company has a variety of designers working in graphic design. We inform, consult and advise, to help you pick the product most suitable for you. We offer a wide range of choices and high quality products. Press calculate individual price of production, since the price may change due to manufacturing techniques, material type, mintage. Products are sold after carefully checking the quality.
We offer:
Business cards, posters, letterheads, envelopes, flyers, brochures, stickers, postcards, books, conference training materials, tickets, workbooks, brochures, pamphlets, diplomas, gift cards, calendars, books, menus, photos, cards, plastic cards, fobs , magazines, and other digital offset printing services.

advertising posters and public notices have to be coordinated with appropriate state institutions or other subjects, and receive authorizations for such advertising projects. Save your time and contact us – we will take care of everything!
Selected location topographic pictures take 2-3 weeks to produce. For this topographical picture we will prepare a preliminary project.
Commercial buildings that are near regional or land roads have to be coordinated aditionally with regional roads, state road police, and state road management. Buildings, that are near highways, must additionally be coordinated with the state company “Automagistralė”.
• Certificate about real-estate registered building rights;
• Building technology inventorory plot plan, floor plans;
• Apartment building owner public discussion proof;
• Building exploiter agreedment;
• Notary approved building or plot co-owner written agreedment;
• Company registration certificate or business certificate (confirmed copy);
• Mark or logo registration confirmation, if the sign is registered;
• Tie in drawing on situation and underground network topographical plan;
• equipment projections, sketches;
• Visualisation with the incomponated building in the equipment surrounding.